Dr. Stat

Dr. Stat is a Statistics Professor. This blog is his opportunity to share ideas and opinions about education (especially math education), politics, and whatever else comes up.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Hi, I am Dr. Stat and this is my blog.

I have been teaching in some capacity, on and off, for about 20 years now. I have taught, at least a little, at all levels from Kindergarten to Ph.D. students. I hope that, during that time, I have learned some things that can enable me to be helpful to others, and thus give YOU a reason to read my blog.

Or, if I can't be helpful, maybe at least I can be entertaining, or interesting, or thought-provoking, or revolting--anything will do, as long as there is a reaction!

My goal is to improve education. Education is in the news now, more than ever, and most of the news is bad. Indeed, even if the media portrayal of education is sensational, there is little doubt that improvement is both needed and greatly desired. And here the fun begins, for there is no shortage of disputation on the details of what should be done.