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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Terri Schiavo

Swift action is urgently needed.

We have not been told the truth about Terri Schiavo by the Main Stream Media.

She is not brain dead. She is not in a coma. She is not on life support. She responds, smiles, and purses her lips to kiss her parents.

Her husband (I'd like to say "husband" in quotes, but he is still married to Terri while living with another woman and fathering two children with her) wants her dead. He won around 1.7 million dollars to use for health care for her and has now spent about a half-million on lawyers fees trying to kill her.

This is a big test case for the right-to-die crowd, whose true identity is revealed as the right-to-kill crowd. Please check out the link in the title of this article.

This is an educational issue. For, if we do not educate ourselves, we will surely be "educated" by the propaganda machine of the MSM to believe many things which are simply not true. This one life is a showcase of the fight for truth and civilization that we must not let go.

In recent days we have seen several victories for the truth. Journalists are being held accountable for their actions and inactions in ways that were never before possible. Perhaps we citizens can use this same power in the Schiavo case. Michael Schiavo is planning to commit legalized murder in one week (2/22). If he succeeds, the door will be opened for many more such murders. Are we comfortable with the idea that people who are conscious and very much alive may be killed because they are unable to communicate? Are we comfortable, not knowing how far this practice will extend? Some people oppose capital punishment because of the possibility of new evidence overturning a conviction, and demand that we keep vicious criminals alive at great expense to society. Yet, an innocent person, likely even the victim of a (possibly capital) crime, is not worthy of being protected and kept alive. The hypocrisy is too great to bear.