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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Minuteman Project

From the Minuteman site:
April 4th. Border monitoring officially began. Hundreds of volunteers are now monitoring the border. A number of illegal aliens already have been reported to the Border Patrol. A group of 18 were encountered and reported to the border patrol. Earlier this weekend, an illegal alien from Guatemala stumbled into the bible camp where the MMP is operating. He inadvertently wandered into the hornets' nest, but it turned out to be his lucky day. He was tired and dehydrated and MMP volunteers gave him medical attention, food and drink before the Border Patrol was able to arrive.

Yeah, President Bush, just like you said:
I am against vigilantes in the United States of America. I am for enforcing law in a rational way. That's why we have a Border Patrol, and they ought to be in charge of enforcing the border.

Let me join the many voices now being raised in saying, if you were doing your job, volunteers wouldn't have to, but when you to insinuate that civilian volunteers legally helping the (grossly understaffed) border patrol is somehow wrong legally or ethically, you are way out of line. You claim to be fighting a war on terror, yet terrorists can freely enter our country in any number of ways that you have not even begun to address. You said you would fight them on foreign soil so we wouldn't have to fight them here. Then why do you keep letting them in? And you keep talking about illegals doing jobs that Americans don't want--well fine, if that's the case, let them immigrate legally. If they are here illegally, send them back and let them come through proper channels. You are the one making excuses for illegal activity while condemning honorable citizens for doing their constitutional duty to protect our borders.