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Monday, May 02, 2005

More Moore

On the second day, Ted Mahavier talked about sources for Moore Method Course Materials. There is much available on the web. There was a report on a project called Uteach, and another on a study comparing Montessori and Moore methods (Montessori has expanded into middle and high school). Apparently they have much in common.

Ed Burger, of Williams College gave tips on teaching Moore-style.
1. Everybody submits written (typed) proofs for each problem. If he has two sections, he has the other section anonymously referee.
2. Curb your comments!
3. Allow presentation of only one proof and discuss it. The only questions are, is it clear? correct? complete? Students will want to show alternatives, but that is restricted to their written versions.
4. Always look dubious. Question everything. Don't give inadvertent clues about whether it is right or wrong.
5. Never look at the speaker. Scan the class instead.
6. Use index cards for each student to assess. Keep track of passes, record proofs presented, with little notes of anything you want to remember when grading.
7. Most problems are given with instructions to "prove and extend or disprove and salvage."
8. Assess failure--have them write up an essay on how they learned from their failures.

In the afternoon there were K-12 sessions. Bill Jacob presented on "Using Video of Children Engaged in Inquiry in Courses for Pre-Service Teachers." I had to leave early to catch my flight after that.