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Friday, November 11, 2005

Women In the NeWs

Conservative college women have a voice of their own. No longer will they have to grit their teeth and bear it when the media portrays NOW as the sole represenative of women. Now there's NeW.

Out With the Old, in With the N.E.W.
By Jessica Anderson

The glory of feminism, which engulfed waves of young women in the 1960s and ’70s, has increasingly lost its luster with today’s generation, many of whom have observed ts radical swerve to the left.

Many collegiate women have observed the detrimental effects of such attitudes, and just aren’t buying them. Being feminist is as out-of-style as crimped hair and big bangs; conservative college women are exposing today’s feminism for what it is: entangling ideology that needs to be toned down.

Karin Agness, a college senior at the University of Virginia, has become a leader of this endeavor. Tired of feminist propaganda, she founded the Network of Enlightened Women (N.E.W.) to foster education and leadership and advance conservative principles among university women.