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Monday, September 26, 2005

Written in Defense of ID

It could be that mine is the only mind that exists, and that everything I perceive (including this board) is just a product of my imagination. Or, just as easily, of "The Matrix." Philosophers have pondered these and other possibilities. We don't really know how much of the "real world" is really real. Do we? In fact, whatever position you take on the role and interpretation of sensation, it is clear that all logical deductions and inferences are a product of the human mind (individual or collective). It is conceivable that such products have no relationship to "reality" or "truth" whatsoever. In fact, if the mind is the product of random, undirected, unintelligent processes, there is absolutely no reason that reason should produce anything reliable. It's just another random process. Belief in evolution leads logically to a rejection of science as a valid way of knowing.