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Friday, October 07, 2005

Bumper Sticker Seen


That was a thought starter.....

What does this mean?
1. Obviously, it's setting itself up against the pervasive alternative, "God Bless America." So, the sticker is condemning the belief that we should ask God to Bless us over other nations. More specifically, there are no nations which God should not bless, or even bless to a lesser degree (that would be an exception too).
2. Indeed, it is proper to pray for God to bless the whole world. In particular, we ask that He bless all people with the Gospel, and thus that he send missionaries to all parts of the world. We pray that he break down all barriers that prevent people from hearing the Gospel or responding to it.
3. People rarely think of "God Bless " as a spiritual message. They are more likely to think of God's blessings in terms of physical and financial well-being. Applied to nations, it is more likely to imply that the nation should be strong economically, militarily, and in world-wide influence, as well as safe from threats to peace and stability. If this interpretation is applied to the bumper sticker, it implies that all nations should enjoy equal positions of strength and influence in the world.
4. If God were to bless all nations in this way, equally, it would mean that there would be no consequences for bad behavior. The bully who threatens his neighbors would have the same blessings from God as the most generous nation on earth, that has done more to establish world peace than any nation ever did. God's blessings, applied in this manner, would mean that the world would become an unstable, unsafe place (more so than now).
5. It is truly a blessing to the world if God blesses America. That is, as long as America acts in accordance with God's will and serves as "a beacon to the world." American influence has benefitted every country that has opened its doors. This is true physically and spiritually. In that sense, a prayer that "God Bless America" is also a prayer that "God Bless the World."
6. If America loses its special place of leadership in the world, there will not be equality among nations, or peace, or security. One or more other nations will rise to superiority, and there are few other countries that would use their position to benefit the world the way America does.
7. God Bless America, and use her to bring ever greater blessings to the whole world, without exception!